About Us

Jesus Mission involves in Evangelism, Church revival, Church planting, Prayer and Intercession, Child development and Charity ministries.


Most of the mission fields of Jesus Mission are in places where Christian population is negligible, or some times nil. In Bundelkhand region, where we started our work, 18 years ago, only one in thousand people was a Christian. We visited houses, preached gospel, distributed literature, showed Christian films… and did whatever we could to help in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today by the grace of God, we see “little cloud…size of a man’s hand”…. But we hope and pray for rain…

Church Revival Ministry

By church revival ministry we mean the reviving of the existing nominal churches, especially in North India. Any one who has an exposure to North Indian Christianity will know that the biggest hindrance for evangelism is the “loss of saltiness” of existing Christian society. But many of them are the potential human resource for the coming explosion of Indian evangelism. Some of our missionaries are commissioned by our Lord to revive the “sleepy among the dead” people. They conduct revival meetings, do personal and family counselling and guide nominal Christians in the will of God. They expose the Word of God and exercise the gifts of the Spirit.

Church Planting

Jesus Mission is involved with church planting; in fact disciple-planting. The churches of Jesus Mission are known as “YEESHU SANGH,” which means “Jesus Band”  Almost all our missionaries have a regular weekly fellowship in their fields. Some of them have more than one fellowship in a week. By the grace of God we could build simple village worship centres in many places.  Jesus Mission believes that buildings for worship are needed only where there people first. Building people on Kingdom values and making them strong pillars are more important and time consuming activity than building a hall for worship. It’s qualitative church planting.  We should not analyze the growth in numbers alone. Majority of our Churches are in rented buildings. Some of them are in cities but most of them are in villages. We should admit that many of these units are small congregations and in some of the units one can see only a handful. But praise God! They are growing!

Intercession and Prayer

If you are for a great revival, the Lord wants to see that you are an interceder for the land of India, please contact us. We welcome you to our prayer center in Damoh. You are welcome to our Ashram, stay for a period and invest your time for intercession. We need to see that more and more people are kneeling down before the Lord for His mercy and signing in for a sacrificial intercession. So you can mobilize prayer by meeting people with the same spirit and urging them for a meaningful intercession for India. If you are on the side of God, in His mission, to win the morally ignorant multitude of India who have never heard the name of the Lord meaningfully, we are partners in His mission.

We have team of intercession and prayer in Damoh. They come together regularly for prayer. They conduct prayer and intercession in different places too.

Children Ministry

As per the special guidance from the Lord, We started children homes in 2001. In these children homes, children from very remote villages stay with one of our missionary families and live in a Christian atmosphere. They are given good education and better care. We pray that these children will be equipped properly, and in future these children will go back to their villages as agents of Light. We certainly believe that some of these children will replace their spiritual parents in their generation. Few of them are already our co-workers. At present we have 151 (30 girls and 121 boys) children with12 homes. 5 of these homes are set in our own land. Many of our children are semi-orphans and some are orphans. Few of our senior children are pursuing their studies in nursing and other graduate level courses at present. Some of them completed theological education and are serving the Lord with their “spiritual parents”.  They are filled with joy in their ministry life.

We have missionaries with a real burden to work among the children. Almost all mission stations have Sunday schools in different places. Also we have a number of weekly “children clubs” for non-Christian students. We have annual V.B.S programs in many of our mission stations. The V B S opens door for more work in villages.

We have a ministry among the disabled children in Madiyato village, Damoh. It is a small school running for the physically and mentally challenged children. At present 4 children come regularly to our school. It is a new venture and our missionaries lack expertise, and hence we are seeking opportunity for advanced trainings.

Widow Home

We have set a widow home at Rudangia, Kandhamal. Widow home and Children home function in one single complex; next to one another. Our dream is that the widows will serve the children and the children; the widows. Renovation of the widow home is in process.

Residential School for Village Children

District Damoh, MP is a consortium of 1300+ villages. It has a Christian population of less than 1200, of which 1000+ are in Damoh city itself. Hundreds of villages in Damoh are with no Christians and no literates.  Jesus Lamp Residential School is committed to produce disciples of Jesus with average education in Damoh villages. At present we have 56 children from 36 villages of Damoh. We do not take more than 2 children (a girl and a boy) from a village. We trust in God that ten to fifteen years from now many of our children will become missionaries like us, witness Jesus with their life and testimony and many will be added to the Kingdom of God from remote villages of Damoh.

Literature Ministry

The days of “Angutha wala” (putting the thumb impression in place of signature) is disappearing. True, most of the Indian villagers are still illiterate, but those who are in the towns can now read and write. Around two third of the Indian population are literate according to statistics. But what they will read? The surplus literacy is never reaped by living letters. The quantity of Christian literature in vernaculars is negligible and the quality is poor. Years ago we published a tract and a few booklets in Hindi. We praise God for Sanctuary Word Media, for their sincere effort to publish Hindi, Malayalam books, bringing out the teachings of contemporary spiritual leaders, in CDs at an affordable price. They publish and distribute our CD’s and books too.

Bible Training Programmes:

Any one in the pioneer mission field will understand the need for the involvement of local missionaries in evangelism. Many of the local people have a calling for field ministry, but they are not trained for the ministry. As many of them have access only to their local language, there should be missionary training institutes, which will train local people in their own language.

In the year 2000 we started our first Bible School at Berhampur, Orissa. We named it Emmaus Bible School. The medium of instruction was Oriya. Later we started our second Bible School in Chhattisgarh, in 2002. All our native missionaries in Chhattisgarh are graduates of our programme. We could not continue the school beyond 2009.  We gave 3 months intensive training to 36 families in Orissa during the infamous riot in 2009. Majority of our present missionaries in Orissa were the beneficiaries of the programme.

We hope to start a new training centre in our own premises at Damoh by the end of this year. We have been mentoring M.Div extension students at our Ashram for the last 2 years.

We had a burden to give on-going training to field missionaries. We are beginning regular-weekly-crash courses to missionaries in different regions from October 2012.

Prison ministry

We also have a ministry among the prisoners in some cities. We had regular meetings for the prisoners in Gwalior, but had to face opposition from the fanatics. We have regular meetings in the juvenile prison in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. It is an opportunity to meet the family members of those kids and bring them to Christ.

Literacy programs

It is true that people of Indian towns are becoming literate. But the Indian villages are still away from letters. This is a painful fact even in the new generation. That has become a matter of concern in the minds of our missionaries from the very beginning of our ministry. Now we have small schools in villages to make the young ones literate.