Field Report

Dear partner in the Gospel,

It is our pleasure to share our blessings and burdens, success and failures, happiness and sorrows with all of you who have been praying, caring and faithfully supporting us throughout these years. Thank you. As we look back, we are thrilled to witness from our experience that God who called us to this ministry is faithful. We humbly admit that we have been unfaithful and unworthy. Yet, He remained faithful for He cannot disown Himself. It is only His mercy that He allowed us to remain in His vineyard and enjoy the privilege as partners with Him. All honor and glory belongs to Him!

The un-evangelized Indian villages are a cause of concern and burden for every born again believer. Even after the proclamation of gospel through all the possible media, by all existing mission organizations, the painful fact remains! Majority of the Indian villages are still in spiritual darkness and in bondage of evil and superstitions. To meaningfully convey the message and establish a worshiping community in the villages we need workers with permanent commitment and who are determined to give up their lives for this noble cause.

It is true that we were in the North Indian mission field for more than 15 years. We admit that we are not any where near to the mark! However, ground realities taught us many things, which we learned from our experiences. In order to witness the evangelization of North India a reality, one should stick on to a place, live there and even die. We have taken it as a vision to commit one evangelist permanently to a place (i.e., a region, district, block or village) as he takes the challenge of meaningfully evangelizing the surrounding villages as his lifetime goal. Please do join us in prayer for faithful lifetime committed workers who are filled with a burden for souls and dedicated and ready to give up their lives for evangelization. God has already given us some. Praise be to Him!


In Madhya Pradesh, we function in two regions- Bundelkhand and Chambal

Bundelkhand consists of total 16 districts, spread through the states of M.P. and U.P. There are more than 10,000 villages in Bundelkhand. Our first place of ministry was in Bundhelkhand. The Bhundeli population comes to 15 million. They are deeply religious and very much reluctant to the gospel. This demands much prayers, dedication, determination and hard work. At present we have our ministry in Damoh, Panna and Chaattrapur districts of Bundhelkhand.


There were more than twenty thousand houses in Damoh town when we started the ministry.  We visited each house in the town with the gospel more than twice in those days. Damoh district has seven blocks and around 1398 villages. We visited and preached gospel in many of the blocks continually. Hundreds of open-air meetings were conducted, tens of thousands of literature pieces were distributed, but the people were indifferent. But we came here with a vision and we were not ready to give up. After 15 years of hard work, God has blessed us with fruit.  Damoh, MP is our first mission station. Many of our north Indian missionaries came and stayed in Damoh for a considerable period of time, before moving to different parts of our country in different times. Right now, at Damoh, there are 12 missionary families and 8 single missionaries. They are involved in various kinds of ministries, such as evangelism, church planting, church ministry, children ministry, Bible training and Social Services.

Yesshu Bhavan (Jesus Home) Ashram

All through these years we were staying in rented houses. By the grace of God we got land, constructed buildings and many of our activities are conducted in this place. The key activities of the Ashram are

  1. Prayer Centre: By the grace of God, uninterrupted intercessory prayer is going on in this centre, every day. God is bringing families, individual prayer partners into this campus for prayer. Please do contact us if you are interested to spend few days with us in intercessory prayers, for the villages of India, Churches and missions. We are with you.
  2. Jesus Lamb Open School : We have 30 students staying with us at present, representing 25 villages of Damoh. Our aim is to provide maximum education to two children at least (boy and girl) from each village of Damoh.  We believe that imparting of Kingdom values in these children can be done meaningfully during their long stay with us. This is the fifth year of our school. God willing we will be admitting 20 more children in the next academic year. There are 1398 villages in Damoh.  Please do pray for our school. We need more families as our team members to shoulder this ministry.
  3. Senior Children Home :God has been so good to us from the beginning of our Boys Home till today. He has been our provider and sustainer until now. At present we have 3 senior students with us.
  4. Missionary Training Programme : We have identified 55 key villages among the 1398 villages, as the future missionary centers. Placing native missionaries in the 55 villages is one of the important goals of our training programme. At present we are giving training to one family.  God willing we will be placing them in 3 months time. Please do pray for our village ministry. Trusting in the grace of God we have just started the construction of the village ministry centre in our Ashram.

Village Ministries in Damoh

In Damoh district we have fellowship groups in Sagoni, Pathariah, Damoh Town, Hatta, Jabera, Bath kamariah and Tendulkhada. Missionary families are residing in all these places.

Ministry among the Disabled children

Madiyado is a new mission station in Hatta block. We have identified 8 disabled children in this village and training them at present. Some of them are deaf and dumb, few have physical disability and few are mentally retarded. Please see the details of this work in the recent “Songs of Praise”

Tailoring centre for Women

God has enabled us to start a small tailoring centre for women in Hatta. Two students are studying tailoring there.


In 1998, we started a new mission station in Panna, a nearby district of Damoh. Panna is no better than Damoh, with a population of 0.7 Million, where Christians are less than 150 in number. In the district head quarters, there is one small Catholic Church and a very small Protestant Church; but absolutely no village church, no village evangelist and no village Christian! We as a team visited many villages of Panna. As we did in Damoh, we visited all the houses in Panna Town and also proclaimed gospel in many villages of the district. It is more than seven years we started our work in Panna district. It was tough, but we hope God will help us to see fruit in these days.

At present we have a Church in Panna with 8 baptized believers. We also have our own land with buildings in Panna. We have a children home for boys. There are 13 children staying with us. We hope to start a children home for girls from this year onwards.


Chhatrapur is another district in MP. We have a children home for boys in Chhatrapur. There are 14 children. We also have a fellowship group in the town. We have started a mission station in Harpalpur, which is a block in Chhatrapur. One of our missionary families is staying in Harpalpur. They have started a Sunday school at their house.

Chambal Region

Chambal is rich in heritage and culture. Gwalior can be called as its center. But none of its districts except Gwalior has a considerable number of Christian population, Bhind and Morena districts are known for its violence and dacoits. In the streets of Bhind, one can see dozens of gun shops in a row. In 1998 Jesus Mission started its ministry in Chambal area.


God opens doors to enter in to many villages in Chambal. There are thousands of villages in Chambal. As you know, the villages in Chambal are hard to reach. Visiting the villages one time or even ten times may not make villagers followers of Christ. However, that is a beginning. “Our prayer is to reach all the villages in Gwalior districts first then to all the villages in the other districts of Chambal” says Josemon. We have a worshipping community, a children home, village evangelism and Christian Book Shop in Gwalior. This is the first book shop in Jesus Mission. Every year through”Gwalior Mela”, we distributed thousands of Bible to the people. Our Book Shop is becoming a means to communicate gospel to educated crowd in Gwalior.


Himachal Pradesh, India’s “cool state” is very reluctant to accept the gospel. It comprises of twelve districts and seventy-two blocks. Each district has its own language and culture. They also have their own gods and goddesses. The response to the Gospel was almost nil till recently. Today situation is getting changed. We see breakthrough in many districts of Himachal in these days. We have churches and fellowship groups in many districts of this state.

Kullu is one of the beautiful tourist places of the State. At Kullu we have a “coffee house,” where tourists from different parts of the world come and relax… Our missionary here serves them coffee, and share gospel with them. The guests get free booklets about Jesus, and also counselling. Praise God that some of them accept Jesus.

In Solan district we have a church with more than 200 believers. Ministry in Himachal is based in Nalagarh, Swargargh, Paramananu and Kurushethra. Four missionary families are in Himachal.


Haryana is very much fertile, but not in gospel. The prominent people group in Haryana is Jat community. The Jats are known for their will power and strength.

Couple of years before God helped us to start work among the Jats. We have worked in many villages in Karnal and Panipat districts. Today we have fast growing churches in Karnal and Panipat towns. Also we have a small fellowship in Kurukshethra

Recently we started a work in Judger, where many natives came to the Lord and by God’s grace we also have a church there.


Punjab is the land of rivers. We have a few missionary families in Punjab. Chandigarh is the capital of two states of India, Haryana and Punjab. Our missionary stays in Punjab, near to Chandigarh and giving leadership to the work in this area. Also we encourage the existing churches in Chandigarh by helping them to teach their believers and also conducting revival meetings.


A good number of Chhattisgarh population are Adivasis (Tribals). The total Christian population of the State is only around two percent, and that too nominal Christians. Mission work in this state is concentrated in Bastar district. Almost all other districts are very much neglected. At present we have 19 missionaries in Chhattisgarh. Following are the key work places in Chhattisgarh.


Bilaspur is the cultural capital of Chhattisgarh. Jesus Mission has its administrative office in Bilaspur.  In Bilaspur town there are many churches. Arpa River is the border of the town. But beyond Arpa, there are no Christian activities. So, we thought of concentrating our work in this area. SECL colonies are here. Thousands and thousands of houses are in these colonies. Today we have 3 churches in this area with 5 missionary families. Other than the church activities our missionaries are involved in Hospital Ministry and Jail Ministry. It is from Bilaspur that Jesus Mission publishes Hindi translated materials.

Rajkishore Nagar

Most of the inhabitants of this area live in slums and old houses. We used to conduct house groups in this area. Today we have a church in Rajkishore Nagar.  In addition, we have a work among the poor and down trodden children living in slums. We conduct a children club here regularly.

It is another village near to Bilaspur town. Though it is the first place of our village ministries, we could not continue the work for one or other reasons, till recently. Now we got an opening to start a Sunday worship in this village.


In the beginning of our ministry, our students used to visit this area and share Gospel with people regularly. Today there is a church in this place. It is a place with much criminal records. However, people show interest in Gospel.


Pithora is a small town in Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh state. In this town there are some nominal Christians, but the villages are un-evangelized. Today we have a worshipping community in Pithora. Ministry among the children is one of the key activities in Pithora.


Bermkela is in Chhattisgarh Orissa border. This is a growing church.

Ladies team

We have a ladies team working under the leadership of Pramodini Nanda in  Paikamal, CG and Orissa border. Recently 4 persons testified Jesus Christ as their personal savior.


9 young men and women witnessed Jesus Christ in Water recently. It is a breakthrough for the ministry in Mainpur, we hope.


This is a very special mission station for our ministry in CG. In the intial years there were good response came from this area. For the last four years, we were not getting any visible results for ministry. By the mercy of God four persons took water baptism in Kalakhuta few weeks ago.


We have a good worshiping church in Bagberra. Last year we bought a plot for the church in this place, and God helped us to build a place for worship.


In Raigarh, we have worship in two places. We have ministry among the Oravu tribes. God has enabled us to construct our own church building.  Almost 50-60 people are attending the worship. In addition to this we have many preaching points in the villages.



Couple of years before our missionary got a special vision to work among the Awadhi speaking people. The place God directed was Gonda, U.P.

14 districts of U.P. come under Awadh region. Nearly 40 Million people in U.P speak Awadh language! A good number of Awadhi speaking people live in Nepal also. They use Hindi as their script as Awadhi is only a dialect without a script. There are nearly twenty five thousand villages in Awadh region. These villages are neglected by mission organizations, as results are very little. Villages are much un-reached. Out of twenty five thousand villages, less than twenty-five villages have a meaningful worshipping community.

Gonda is close to Ayodhya,”Ramjanm bhumi”. Our missionaries stay here. God helped them to start some house fellowships as the beginning. Today there is a worship church in Gonda.


We have a church and a fellowship group in Lucknow at present. They are conducting a convention this month.


This charming hilly state consists of two regions, i.e. Garhwal in the west and Kumaon in the east. We have a growing church in Haldiwani and a new work in Champawah.



We began our work in Orissa by starting a Bible School in Berhampur. Later we started a work in the Kui Tribe. Now, we have a church with more than hundred members in Rudhanghia. Also we have a children home in this village. We have many evangelists from this village who work in the nearby village. We expect a revival among the Kui speaking people.

Recently we trained 25 youngsters of this church for ministry. This training took place in our church itself. It went on for a period of 6 months. We hope that our church in Rudhanghia will be the centre of our ministry in Kandamal district.


In 2003 we started our ministry in Sambalpur. Today we have two churches, many house fellowships and a children home in Sambalpur. 5 Missionaries are serving the Lord in Sambalpur.


It is the capital district of Orissa state. We have a church in Bhubaneswar. We have 35 missionary families in Orissa today. Please see the details of Orissa ministries in our recent Song of Praise.


As far as response towards gospel is concerned, Karnataka is known as Northern state in South India. Hundreds of organizations find Bangalore fit for their Head Quarter location, but the works in villages are negligible. The Tamilians in Karnataka respond positively to Gospel, but the Kannada people continue to be indifferent.

We have four churches in  Karnataka today. The construction work of our Bangalore church building is on. We have ministry in Hassan, Mandiya and Kolar. There are 4 missionary families are with us in Karnataka.


In Arunachal Pradesh, we have work among the Appathani tribe. God has enabled us to construct a church building in Zero. Many locals are attending the church. Recently we started another ministry in Ittanagar, which is the capital city. God helped us to start a worship service in Hindi for the different people groups who migrated into the city.


As we know, Goa is one of the smallest states of India. It was once under the rule of the Portuguese. Three years back we started a ministry in Goa and it is a very difficult place to penetrate. Recently God helped us to start an evening fellowship in Hindi.

Thanking you

Together in His Service

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