Jesus Mission is having 106 full-time missionary families in India. Many of our missionaries are people with a lifetime commitment to a place or a people group. We believe only people with that sort of commitment can win lives for the Lord.

Even others who are with a lesser time commitment, we encourage them to look to God for a commissioning to a certain area or people. When they are placed somewhere according to their vision, we are little flexible on strategy.

It is true that Jesus Mission originated from South India. However, we knew that God wanted us to work among the natives of the places where God has placed us. So, we were always concentrating our work among the natives. We were praying that God would raise native workers, and God is faithful. He has given us people who have committed their lives for the ministry from the natives. Thank God, even though we have cross cultural missionaries from South, God has given many from the respective fields as our co-workers as missionaries. Now, more than half of our missionaries are from the natives, and their number is increasing. God has given us wonderful native brothers as leaders in the respective fields. So, it is no more just a “South Indian stuff,” but a native movement.

We urge our missionaries to follow our common policies, but they can decide on the mode of operation according to their guidance from the Lord.

Our mission and missionaries follow a faith policy. We share money to our people for their moderate living as Lord gives us, but not a certain amount as fixed salary.

Our Missionaries will not seek support or conduct promotional meetings for “fund raising”. We trust God for our source. Those who support us in our ministry are not just “sponsors”, but our partners; in fact partners with God; Mission belongs to HIM! Mission-dei