Wings of Charity

Since Jesus Mission started its North Indian ministry in 1994, it stood for proclamation of the Gospel with a concern for the poor and the needy. In those days it distributed cloths to the poor, provided education to the illiterate and medical facility to the sick. God enabled us to show our concern to the super cyclone affected Orissa people by providing them food and clothing material. One of significant charity work was rehabilitation of believers in Orissa, after the riot.

Rehabilitation  Programmes In Orissa

During the riot in Orissa, many of you have extended your kindness to the believers of Orissa, through Jesus Mission. We thank God who has equipped us to assist many of our families at their crisis time.  We have taken initiation to build many houses that were completely/ partially destroyed. We have given care, food, accommodation to hundreds of people during those days. We want to see our missionaries, who are working in different districts of Orissa settle peacefully in their work places.

Children Homes

God enabled us to start more solid work in the area of charity. We could start Children homes in various places of our mother land.

Now we have more children homes. Please see the list:

Damoh:  Home for Boys (Jesus Lamb Open School)

Damoh: Home for Girls (Jesus Lamb Open School)

Damoh- Hatta: Home for Semi-orphan Boys

Damoh- Pathariah: Home for Semi-orphan Girls

Chhattarpur:  Home for Boys

Panna:  Home for Boys

Panna: Home for Girls

Sambalpur: Home for Boys

Rudhanigha:  Home for Boys

Baligudha:  Home for Boys

Hariyana:  Home for Boys

Ongol:  Home for Boys and Girls

In these homes, children from very remote villages, from heathen backgrounds, are staying with one of our missionary families in Christian atmosphere. They will be given good education and better care. Missionary families who are staying with the children are not the “workers of mission” but the parents of the children. There are 151 (30 girls and 121 boys) children staying in our children homes. We pray that these children will be equipped properly, and in future these children will go back to their villages as agents of light.

We have a ministry among the disabled children in Madiyato village, Damoh. It is a small school run for the physically and mentally challenged children. At present 4 children come regularly to our school. It is a new venture and our missionaries lack expertise, and hence we are seeking opportunity for advanced trainings.

Widow Home

We have set a widow home at Rudangia, Kandhamal. Widow home and Children home are running in one single complex; next to one another. Our dream is that the widows will serve the children and children the widows. Renovation of widow home is in process.

Residential School for Village Children

District Damoh, MP is a consortium of 1300+ villages. It is having a Christian population of less than 1200, of which 1000+ are in Damoh city itself. Hundreds of villages in Damoh are with no Christians and no literate.  Jesus Lamp Residential School is committed to produce disciples of Jesus with average education in Damoh villages. At present we have 56 children from 36 villages of Damoh. These children hail from very poor background.  We do not take more than 2 children (girl and boy) from a village. We trust in God that ten to fifteen years from now many of our children become missionaries like us, witness Jesus with their life and testimony and many will be added to the Kingdom of God from remote villages of Damoh.

Prison ministry

We have regular meetings in the juvenile prison in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. It is an opportunity to meet the family members of those kids and bring them to Christ.

Literacy programmes

True, people of Indian towns are becoming literate. But the Indian villages are still away from letters. This is a painful fact even with new generation. That has become a matter of concern in the minds of our missionaries from the very beginning of our ministry. Now we have small schools in villages to make the young ones literate.

Ministry to the Disabled Children

We are running a very small teaching center at Damoh for physically and mentally challenged children in Madiyatho village. We are in the process of getting NOC from the DEO, Damoh.