Your Role

Yea, you can have a role in the Jesus Mission. If God has put a burden in your heart for the perishing millions India, please keep in touch with us. Let us share that burden with each other. Together we will seek the mercy of the Lord so that his Spirit may send a great revival in India that will sweep the land with the gospel of grace.

If you are for a great revival, the Lord wants to see that you are an interceder for the land of India, please contact us. We welcome you to our prayer center in Damoh. You are welcome to our Ashram, to stay for a period and invest your time for intercession. We need to see that more and more people are kneeling down before the Lord for His mercy and signing in for a sacrificial intercession. So you can mobilize prayer by meeting people with the same spirit and urging them for a meaningful intercession for India. If you are on the side of God, in His mission, to win the morally ignorant multitude of India who has never heard the name of the Lord meaningfully, we are partners in His mission. Please keep in touch. Together let us build up the kingdom.

If you have desire for village evangelism, revival of Christian communities, intercession… and not sure what should be done, where to go, whom to contact…. Please contact us.